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January 10, 2008



i think it is a combination of things. i truly believe some people are born-have a genetic predisposition to "evil" if you will. or maybe mental illness which manifests it's self in startling ways at times.i think others are a product of their environment. and lets face it...there are truly many people who should not be breeding or have access to children.


i think that someone's upbringing plays a major role in who they are and how they handle situations/stress/emotions when they are adults. so many factors play a role in how people 'turn out'. however, i still don't feel that someone's 'bad' childhood or whatever is an excuse for doing anything that is wrong/illegal/immoral. i also know that there are some things that are beyond human control when it comes to 'mental issues'. but if they have the right tools that help them cope with their issues/problem, they have a better chance of turning something negative into a positive. i agree with you - it makes me sick to hear about all these horrible things people do.

kristi sauer

didn't even hear about the bridge incident, but I am sick of hearing all the crap on the news too.
I think environment makes a huge difference in how people behave, but I also think some people are genetically pre-disposed to mental illness. There is probably a ton of brain research out there about this!!
Good topic. I just haven't had a chance to write my TFT in about a month now...hopefully next week!


I think it can be a little of both. I think things that happen growing up can affect what goes on in people's heads. But I don't think just growing up in the ghetto makes someone a serial killer or a ganster. Just as I think that some people aren't wired right. There is a reason they are called psychopaths. I also think there is in innate struggle between good and evil in everyone, in which feeding the good fends off the bad. Which is where I think the teaching our children what it does take to be a functioning part of society really counts.


I felt honestly sick to my stomach when I saw the story about the man throwing his kids off the bridge. So, so sad. I can't even imagine.
I think you're right, in that people who do things like that are not right in the head and there are some connections missing in dealing with some aspects of life. That or some crazy drugs. But then again, it does have to do with your upbringing if you look at some of the scary inner city and "ghetto" neighborhoods where people (kids, even) shoot people without even a second thought. Those people aren't necessarily crazy... it's just crazy how screwed up and full of hate they can be.

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