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August 27, 2007


Kristi Sauer

I get cravings a lot too. I am goign to get you some damn cheese curds when I go back! Do you think they're good slightly reheated??


I remember craving McDonald's double cheeseburgers and KFC. In fact, the weekend I found out I was pregnant we were on our way home from our Father's Day camping trip and I was adamant that we stop at KFC for dinner. We drove for EVER until we finally found an exit that had KFC, and later that night I took a pregnancy test. KFC mashed potatoes.. yum!

Leslie Collins

Hi Michelle, I didn't have a lot of cravings when I was pregnant, I just liked to eat. Everything. I gained a little over 40 lbs. I did like biscuits and gravy right at the beginning. It's great that you are journaling all of this. You will like to look back and remember.

I have a ton to share...I'll write more later...my grandparents leave tomorrow and I am helping my brother move into his new dorm....we have been super busy!!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend. Loved the fair pic's.

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