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August 31, 2007



well....funny you should ask...lol
i am a recipient of plastic surgery and it was well worth every penny i spent and truly the pain was not what i expected.
If you can do it...i am a firm believer in it...call me vain call me what you want but at age 28 (at the time) i was not down looking all jacked up...

I had a boob job, tummy tuck and the ever so painful liposuction in the hips, back flank, and the upper torso...all at the same time...now that is the way to go...do it all at once and be done with it.


Yes Yes Yes! If I have the $$, I will totally have a breast lift AND reduction. Pregnant, my boobs are out of this world large (and I'm not a large girl... 5'3" and about 125-130 depending) and not pregnant they are about 34DD... and SAGGY as all get out. Sick.

I would also, after more than 2 kids, really really need a tummy tuck. I still have a little pooch from Porter, but I still wear a bikini 'cause I just don't care. However, I am scared to see how my body changes after another pregnancy or two. EEEK!

So, yes yes yes I would pay to have my body put back to halfway normal. I wouldn't do face stuff (well, when I was younger I wanted a chin implant HAHA!) but body-wise.. . Yes!

Kristi Sauer

I'd get a boob lift and tummy tuck after the kids, for sure!

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