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September 30, 2007


Leslie Collins

Love the new banner. Kristi did an amazing job. I can't do stuff like this either. Nicole is my woman for fun banners.

Hope you are feeling good.

I'll write more later...Housewives is about to start!!!!


I'm even finding this with pregnancy #2 - totally different. I swear, I knew every little thing of what was going on with Morgan's pregnancy and now I'm happy to get that Baby Center email once a week to see where I'm at! LOL

With M's pregnancy, I wanted to have names picked out by our 18 week ultrasound, this one - I figure it will just be easier if we wait and see what it is first! (Brad and I are at far ends of the earth with names, ay yi yi)

I think it's good actually, time passes faster when you are busy and let's face it, after the first, the whole process isn't quite so fascinating!

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