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October 10, 2007


Kristi Sauer

I am also allergic to amoxicillan! Poor Bianca and I feel so sorry for you guys to have to deal with this. Sleepless nights really suck and there isn't much you can do about it!?


Both my kids went through a phase right around the 9-month mark where they were miserable at night for no good reason. It wasn't teeth, it wasn't their ears, it wasn't anything we could figure out! A few bad nights and then they seemed to work it out of their systems. I hope it was only one night for you!

Congratulations on Baby #3 - as much as I joke about DH needing to 'crimp the garden hose' I am so secretly jealous! I am working my hardest on getting the kids to be as adorable and well behaved as they can be when he is home so that he will honestly consider adding to the bunch.

Love the pictures of the pond! My dads family is in the Twin Cities area - I love it, and can't wait to take my husband and the kids up to enjoy some time on the lake. We are headed to WI in a week - I hope the trees still have some leaves and that it isn't too cold.

Really enjoy your blog and seeing pictures of the girls - they are beautiful!

Leslie Collins

I bet it's those teeth, Michelle. I hope that you have a better night. Maybe give her some motrin before bed? I hope you all get some rest this evening.


I was going to ask the same things as Kim...is she teething, is it the med, etc.

It's never fun when you can't figure it out, it's horrible feeling so helpless and frustrated!

Hope you guys have a better night tonight!!!


Also meant to add, if it's an ear infection along with the cold, it will hurt when she's lying flat. If you can elevate her mattress a bit, it totally helps. We'd put a towel under the head of his mattress and use a humidifier.


Could it have been teeth or a reaction to the Amoxicillian? I can't take Amoxi as it makes me feel like crap, apparently it's a tough one on the stomach. We found it totally screwed with Morgan's naps - it's like it made him wired. He on it like eight times (ears - he has tubes now, thank goodness) in about 6 months. We switched to something else and it was alot better. There was another one that was hard on the stomach too but I forget it's name - make sure to clarify if you switch you want an easy on the tummy one!!

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