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October 12, 2007


Kristi Sauer

Sorry it took so long to respond...
Unfortunately, accountability in schools is often unrewarded and instead schools that do not meet AYP (adequate yearly progress) on the Mn state tests are punished. Parents have the right to take their kids from if their home school doesn't make AYP and place them in a diffreent school, no matter what the cause for the poor test scores. Less kids = less money to schools, and then you end up losing more and more teachers, funding, etc. It seems like a losing battle, which is why so many educators are so against NCLB. I have heard about some afluent districts that have a pay schedule that correlates with how their students perform. I don't see this system ever working in urban districts, as there are so many more factors why students may not perform as high on these tests.
PS I am happy to hear about the plumbing problem getting taken care of :)
I should also be seeing you tomorrow for brunch.

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