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October 18, 2007



I hate to admit it but I love technology. I had a digital camera that sat in the box for a year until someone convinced me it was easier to use and that I could still have "real" prints...now I'm hooked. My biggest fear is losing all my photos though...which reminds me I so need to back them up!


i probably would not be doing well if my computer/internet/cell phone were not available to me daily. is that bad? i love technology.

it is nice to stare into the ol' tube and space out sometimes. tucker watches some tv, but not enough it would make much of a difference if it was gone.

i love getting hand-written notes/letters from friends/family. now when you get that kind of correspondence it is 'special'!

Nicole Barczak

I couldn't live without my computer/internet or cell phone. TV, yeah I could probalby do without (although Little Bear is a great distraction for Porter...). I've gone a few days without my computer, and it was kind of nice, but I like to be able to keep in touch with so many friends via email and blogs. Everyone is so busy anymore that thats just kind of the way to go to keep in touch.


I like the technology such as the computer, internet, and cell phones. I could definitely live without t.v. All this technology makes some tasks easier, but I do think life, in general was simpler before.

I like getting emails and they make people feel so much closer, but can you remember when the last time you got a hand written letter. Even yet, how many of your friends' hand-writing would you even recognize. I guess it's just something to think about.

Kristi Sauer

I can go a couple of days without my laptop, but no more than that! Please tell me you have an extrenal harddrive and that you back up your digi pics? One scare is all it took for me to go get one ASAp...I actually have 2 of them!!
Sounds like it may be time to buy a new family laptop/computer?? Just think...then you can add Photoshop and really get hooked! LOL


I was completely unplugged from the outside world for several days at a time in Europe.. it was pretty sweet actually! It's the first time I've not used a cell phone or computer for an entire day since I was... well, probably since I was 15 or so!

Leslie Collins

AAAHHH....I need a thought for Thursday. My brain is not working properly today. It's raining and dreary here. All I am thinking about is curling up back in bed.

I love having my internet, although I don't feel that I am on it nearly as much as most. I do like to check my mail and blogs. As for TV, I could take it or leave it. I do like my shows in the evenings, but we are not big TV watchers other than that.

Cell phones...I am glad I have one. I don't use it that much though.

I love technology. I am glad we have all the gadgets. I guess I don't know what we did before internet and tivo. Were we bored????

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