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October 11, 2007



As a business owner, I really try hard to stay accountable to my mistakes. And I've had plenty of them. For the most part I just try to keep the motto "The customer is right" and do whatever it takes to please them while trying to stay in line with my business' policies.

It is so irritating when people don't stand behind their work. A few years ago we had one of Ryan's friends from high school put a roof on our house. His "friend" had just started a business with someone and he came out, gave us a quote (in writing) and when he got into the job he realized he was in for more than he had thought. Well, basically, he wasn't experienced in the type of job our house ended up being so he had to call in another roofer to help. He ate the cost and said he was barely making money on our job. However, my husband was out there every day after work working right along side them. And, in the end, they never fully finished our roof. Ryan had to finish it. It was so irritating.


i just think back to how much things have changed over the years. 'back in the day' people were up front, honest, and would fix their mistakes, no questions asked. these days, everyone wants to argue, nobody wants to admit to any wrong doing, and we just can't level with each other. this is frustrating and i see it in the workplace a lot! if i were in your position i would be fit to be tied! ergh!


I can imagine how annoyed you must be. People don't want to be responsible for anything any more.
Ditto to Kim. No one is perfect, but it's how you handle it when you screw up.

Kristi Sauer

I hear ya, but at schools these days all we here about is accountability. Students, teachers, schools, and districts are very much accountable these days for achievement and how students do. Thanks to NCLB.
I do agree that more people need to be accountable, especially businesses. That is ridiculous!


Oh I hear ya! I HATE that. It's one thing I'm a sticker on too. Yesterday at the grocery store, I was paying and Morgan pushed past a lady. I had to stop paying and took him back to say "excuse me". I believe everyone, me included, should be accountable - no one is perfect, but it's how you handle it when you screw up!

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