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November 20, 2007



i love coke and nutty bars too. actually that was my breakfast this am :) thanks for the tag. i'm going to get caught up tonight (?)

greta adams

here are my 7 random facts... i did this not long ago so i will fish through my facts and send the link to them on my blog later this week after the holiday rush is over

1. It is a MUST that all my doctors be good looking...i can't be bothered wasting my time to look at a ugly doctor...seriously!

2. i hate Pb&j sandwiches or PB for that matter but LOVE LOVE LOVE reeses peanut butter cups...slurrpp!!!

3. i have an obessession with my kids wearing pj's to bed..none of this t shirt and underwear nonsense...you have to be in pj's or i cannot sleep

4. i tend to take my house cleaning a bit far...i am ocd in a bad way with clean!

5. i stole my mom's car once when i was 12 and went joyriding at 2 in the morning...yeah i was a baaaaad girl

6. i do not eat steaks of any kind....i really can't stomache red meat but i will eat a hamburger every now and then

7. i am a MAC make-up addict..in a bad way..can't have enough!!

8. i bite my fingernails and the skin around them until they bleed...attractive i know...blech!

oh that was 8...woo hoo i am proud of myself!!

Leslie Collins

I hate bras and love coke, too. Too funny on your random things. :) I thought St. Olaf was a made up place when I used to watch The Golden Girls.


Maybe you should change it from "I'm addicted to Coke" to "I'm addicted to Coca Cola"... it just seems to flow off the tongue a little better. Coke is a little more nasal...

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