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November 29, 2007


kristi sauer

OMG, Mammoth Crocs!! They look perfect for a winter pregnancy!
It seems everything I want this year is rather expensive :(


i love my mary jane crocs. i need more. well i want more. i guess i should make a list so my hubby doesn't shop on his own. yikes.


Good thing giving presents is so fun, because nothing I have asked for now that I am Mommy is any fun! I had no idea Crocs came in so many varieties! I have two pairs of the knock-offs that I got for $10 each from a nursing website when I was working in the hospital - the only shoes that lasted a 12-hour shift . . . even my best pair of running shoes failed on me after 8 hours. Maybe you should hold off on the bras and ask for them for Valentine's Day - could be fun (although you will be quite pregnant by then . . .)

Leslie A. Collins

Those crocs look super comfy. I want a pair. I love my "regular" crocs. I bought them when I was pregnant and wore them everywhere!

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