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November 05, 2007


Leslie A. Collins

Sorry to hear that you are still having issues with smells. I hope they go away soon......I will write more later...I promise! I have been exhausted!

Nicole Barczak

Ugh I am right there with ya. Smells totally make me gag all day. Even thinking about food or smells make me gag. Yuck.


When I was pregnant with Maren and driving home with Cooper he got car sick. My husband was gone, so I had to get him out and clean it up . . . I gagged so hard I peed my pants in the driveway. Frank came home to find my car wide open in the driveway, the carseat sitting in the front yard, the diaper bag thrown in the living room, and Cooper and I playing in the shower.

Hope you feel better soon! (Those darn boys . . . they'll do it to you every time!)

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