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November 15, 2007



hi michelle!!! just checking in on your blog and SO EXCITED to see your news....!!!! wowowowowowow! huge congrats to all of you...! :) and good luck with the blood pressure testing/monitoring - hope that everything stabilizes...


YAHOOOOOO! about the boy...not about the jug of urine in your fridge:)


OMG your baby in the sidebar is spinning around like he's in a dryer! HAHA!


great news!!! hope your pressure is okay, i am sure it will be.

Nicole Barczak

OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I screamed when I read your post. YAY! I'm so excited for you!



I did the 24 hour analysis with Hailey. Sooo fun, right?! I'm sure your results will be fine! (they're looking for protein, btw)


Wow! That is great news :)
Hope your blood pressure is okay.

Kristi Sauer

You already know I am with Leslie...shocked at first, but sooooo excited for nephew Bennett!
Congrats! Were you ever so happy to see a penis? LOL


I'm with Kim - I knew it! So glad to hear that he looks healthy. I hope that the blood pressure thing becomes a non-issue - chalk it up to the stress of potty training (it is certainly enough to get my blood pressure up.)

Yeah! Totally worth letting the kids beat on each other in the playroom to come read the good news!

Leslie A. Collins

I am SO SHOCKED!!!!! That's awesome. So, you are going to have a Bennett? Way too cute. I have been thinking about you all day! Thank you for sharing. I hope that your bloog pressure gets back to norm.


I KNEW it! I voted boy in both your polls! I'm so thrilled for you guys, that is so awesome!!!!!!! (But really you are a beotch for the 4.5lbs LOL)

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