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November 13, 2007



I found your blog thru another and thought I'd tell you what worked for us. We wrapped small gifts (mostly from the dollar store) and each time she went to the potty successfully she got to open a gift. She was honestly potty-trained in 1 day. At first she wore pull-ups at night, but it only took a couple of weeks before she didn't need them then either. We told a friend this trick that was having a very hard time potty training her daughter and it worked for her too. They had tried gifts, stickers, treats, etc...but the wrapping of the gifts made all the difference! Also, my daughter liked using her potty chair best at first, but would use a potty seat on the big potty downstairs. I bought her a Dora seat(a favorite) and a colorful stool and that seemed to help overcome the initial fear.


Good Luck :)


meant to say good luck too!


don't sweat it. she'll do it when she's ready.

Kristi Sauer

What a big girl! She will catch on soon enough, just give it a little time and patience :) At least she is aware when she is wet and obviously doesn't like it. that should help!

Nicole Barczak

Good luck! I dread starting potty training with Porter. I don't waaaaannnnnaaa!


it worked really well for us to put them on the potty backwards so they were hugging the tank...

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