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November 16, 2007



we had a really severe case of abuse here at big medicine last year...done by the mom and boyfriend. it was horrible. what does that childs inner voice say to him when even his own mother won't protect him. there is a special place in hell for child abusers.

Kristi Sauer

I haven't seen the news the past few days so i don't know specifically what you are referring to, but it makes me sick to hear about this stuff too. Its unimaginable


99.9% of the cases that darling husband goes on involving children are the result of non-accidental trauma (the medical term for child abuse.) They are heartbreaking, and the ones that bother him the most. My children drive me crazy, and on some days I yell more than I would care to admit - I can't imagine getting to the point that I felt compelled to inflict bodily harm on them. Such sad situations. It is a downer, but something people need to be aware of - I wish there were as many campaigns for the end of child abuse as there are for free speech and the like.

Leslie Collins

Michelle, They're are some very sick people in this world, arent' there? I hate hearing about stuff. We are always saying how lucky Reyna is. There are many kids who don't receieve a quarter of the love she does.

So, have you bought anything blue yet?

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