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November 08, 2007



i keep toying with this day to myself idea. but then of course i am over come with guilt...because you see i have more guilt than any good catholic does. i would love to spend a whole day shopping for me...scrapbooking...a pedi would be awesome. shit, i'd just like to go potty alone.


If I had the resources, stuff I would like to do is :
1. spend a day at a spa getting all the fixings
2. go away for a weekend with out the husband or the baby

Kim Turpin

I take every second Friday for myself - I have a flex day and M still goes to daycare. He doesn't know the difference!

Also, being back at work helps - I get to go out for lunch with the girls, have Starbucks on my coffee breaks.

My girlfriends are great about organizing things too. In January, 5 of us are going to Vancouver for a girls weekend. Staying in a fancy hotel, going to the spa and going shopping - kid free!

Mine as well get it all in before new baby arrives as that changes things until they get a bit older!

Kristi Sauer

Sometimes being childless has its perks...I indulge myself pretty much whenever I want! Okay, more so before this grueling semester, but I read, scrapbook, go out to eat, do the hanky-panky :), spend time on the computer, etc. I don't know if I physically do a whole lot for myself lately though...no pedicures or massages and I haven't been to the gym in 6 stinkin months. You deserve at least a day to yourself every week!

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