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December 10, 2007



Wow, you are so lucky, you carry well. You must be a skinny mini when your not preggo...lucky duck!


you look great! i love old navy maternity!


Michelle, you look so cute. The new hair is nice too.

kristi sauer

Holy moly! Good thing you are going a month early!


You look fantastic Momma! Your pregnancy is going so fast for all of us - I hope it is the same for you. Can't wait to see what this beautiful baby looks like.


you look great! ah, i loved that stage of pregnancy: an excuse to eat whatever baby wanted - right? :)


Awww...you look great. You are all baby. I cannot believe how far along you are already. It seems like you just announced that you were pregnant. Glad to hear that you got some new maternity clothes and cute clothes for Bennett.


You are looking great!! I can't wait for pregnancy!! I loved being pregnant!


What an adorable belly! I KNOW the cravings... I eat a huge bowl of ice cream nearly every night. HAHA!


You look FABULOUS!!!!
and baby bennett looks like he's going to be BIG!!! :)

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