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December 04, 2007



Yeah Annika! That is a great sign and a step in the right direction. Cooper is obsessed with the contents of his diaper, as well as Maren's. Today's Costco purchase included underwear - he is so excited, and will start wearing them tomorrow. If only we lived closer and you weren't pregnant . . . I have a feeling potty training may make me want a drink or two.

greta adams

that is a sign that she is ready for potty training....woo hooo!!! go annika!!

i got lucky with both of mine....thank gawd!
mason was potty trained at 21 months and melana was potty trained at 2 1/2....

me and poopie diapers don't get along....oh yeah girl...i'll tell ya that story in the future...you want a good laugh i have it for ya...i am pitiful!!

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