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January 01, 2008



I SO know what you mean! Cooper and Maren are still on their normal schedule, but Frank . . . inbetween cases he has been here instead of the office - I love him, but I am ready for him to be back on his regular schedule! I am so used to doing things without him around that I actually feel like he is in the way when he is here! The family time has been nice as well, but I am even starting to get over that.

Too funny about Annika - I remember wishing for so long that Cooper would start talking and expressing himself, and now . . . I actually asked him the other day if he would please stop talking.

Congratulations on double digits, by the way! 99 days and counting until Bennett is here - can't wait to see what a little cutie he is.

kristi sauer

The girls were great on Sunday, at least!
The vacation went way too fast (if you can call it a vacation)


yep. the holiday crazys. lack of schedules. not enough sleep. too much junk food...it creates little monsters. i can't wait for school tostart next week so we can get back to "normal"!!!!


i think that behavior is kind of normal given the holidays and crazy schedules. hope things get better for you. my guys have been a bit off too. happy new year!

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