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January 02, 2008



Oh wow! He'll be here so soon!
You'll do great with the three :


oh - the countdown is really on now! how exciting to add another to your family! no worries about anything!


glad to here things are back to normal. ava was the same way about walking. she didn't really get going and independent until nearly 15 months. my boys were running by 10 months! i wouldn't worry about the 3rd. it really isn't much different from having 2. i promise. have fun at ikea! i freakin love that place!


Michelle, I wouldn't worry about B and her not walking. I do understand that you want her to though so you don't have to lug her around. I would try to ignore helping her for a few days. Maybe if you do, she won't feel so pressured and then she would be more willing to accept your help?? What the heck do I know though. I feel clueless half the time. :)

I cannot believe you are that close to meeting Bennett. It seems like you just announced your pregnancy. How exciting. You will do an awesome job with another little one around.

Glad to hear that you guys are getting back to normal.

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