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January 14, 2008



i went to the chiro and had regular massages with all my babies to relieve severe hip pain. i have degenerative joint disease and my hips are really really bad. it did help some. it is certainly worth a try!!!!


oh, that does NOT sound fun at all! i hope the chiro works for you! i got a good laugh at your bit about the 'gift' of pregnancy! hahaha! you said it!


hope your back feels better soon. i had the same thing happen with both pregnancies. i ended up in pt both times for the last month with my first and the last three months with my second. i went 3 times a week and it made such a difference.


I have no advice on the Chiropractor, they scare me. But I hear your pain and frustration. I hated the fact my feet were so swollen the only shoes I could wear were flip flops.

Nicole Barczak

I went to the chiro during my pregnancy with Porter (starting at 16 weeks) and am again going with this pregnancy. Around 7 months preggo with P, I had HORRIBLE hip pains- hobbling up the stairs, getting out of bed or in/out of the shower was painful, even putting on pants and lifting my leg/putting weight on it was painful. My chiropractor said it was my sacroiliac joint that was out of whack (I think it was called Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction) or something. The chiropractor helped SO much. If I went too long inbetween visits I could really tell. My back and hips would get out of whack and the pain came back. (I was fine after delivery, and didn't visit the chiro that often inbetween pregnancies, but I fully believe in seeing a chiro when you're pregnant!).

Anyhow, I wrote about it somewhere on P's pregnancy blog... I think I remember it being in a post in December.

Good luck at the chiropractor! I hope it helps you!


I had sciatic pain that was horrible. Physical therapy is what worked for me. I'm too scared to go to a chiro...lol. Seriously, I have yet to have something wrong with me that physical therapy didn't help...even a slipped disk.


It really helped my friend when she was pregnant, she had sciatic nerve pain too. The chiro also gave her some exercises that she said, as long as she did them regularly, helped alot.

Not a good time - hope you feel better!!

kristi sauer

OUCH. I hope the chiropractor helps!

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