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January 20, 2008



It's amazing how fast it goes. I still make my daughter nap in the chair with me on my days off. I love it and never want to give it up.


happy birthday b!!!! my 2 youngest boys are 18 months apart to the day also!


Happy Birthday, Bianca! And Happy Birthing Day, Momma! It looks like both she and Annika had a wonderful time at her party - Maren was not into her cake at all, and Cooper opened her presents for her because she was busy playing with my dad's gloves. I know what you mean about it all being bittersweet . . . I just can't believe how quickly it goes the second time around, and how everyday she seems more and more like a toddler and less and less like my baby!

Hope that you are feeling well and that the next few months go smoothly in all areas! I am obviously more than a few miles away, but if there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to ask!

Kristi S

Happy birthday sweet BB!!
Love you!

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