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January 30, 2008



Glad to hear that you hired a cleaning service. I hope that it took some stress away from you.

Hope the girls are feeling better soon.

Have a great Super Bowl Party.

I am working today so I will e-mail you from work.

Kristi S

The cleaning service was an excellent idea! Every little bit helps :)
Hope the girls feel better soon...


i am so jealous of the cleaning service! that rocks. hang in there you are almost done!


Sorry to hear your feeling down. I understand the whole monotonous and not being able to do anything. I hope things look up. I'm so jealous of the cleaning service. I would love a clean house for one day. I love your baby belly; I want to come rub it. I so wish I could have another one.


does busy bee come out to the nw metro areas?? i need to find someone! i hear you about the contractions, mine were horrible and went on for the last two months leading to my induction. my thoughts are with you, hang in there. you look great!


that is awesome that you hired a cleaning service! good for you guys! i'm so jealous!

hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!


So glad you hired cleaners! One less thing to stress about while you're working on keeping that baby and yourself healthy :) Hope the chiro worked some majic on you this afternoon and you are feeling better:)

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