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January 24, 2008



i love living close to all of our family. when we went through having tucker early and whatnot, i never had felt more lucky - ever.

i use the flushable wipes and then once a week i atleast go over everything with those. it makes me feel so much better and they make it smell clean too. it takes less than five minutes. just an idea?

i like to clean, but i would LOVE a maid. someone to scrub my floors, clean the windows, fold/hang the laundry, cook the meals! aaaaahhhh dreams.

i am not a pet person.

i am beginning to not be a winter person. we had the deep freeze, now we're getting a spring 'teaser' day before another round of crappy weather! errrrr.


1. It's hard sometimes.
2. You read my blog.
3. I'd be afraid what they'd say after seeing this disaster.
4. Ditto, they bad thing is our dog is now starting to lash out and bite.
5. I hear that.

Kristi S

1. When were you guys thinking of moving to FL? News to me!? I'd love to be there right about now. 1.5 Your mom is awesome for giving you so much help. Anything else you need, I am only 10 minutes away...2. ...and I don't mind cleaning bathrooms!
3. I know people who say that having a cleaning service saved their marriage (and a few of these ladies don't even have kids!)
4. You have two ginormous dogs and a psycho cat, of course they drive you crazy! LOL. I love my cats and they drive me crazy at times too :)
5. It is colder than I can remember for a long time. I am totally chilled to the bone. brrrrr.


i too want a maid. bad. my bathroom is disgusting. i have 3 boys need i say more.
my pets are driving me insane and yes winter sucks ass. bad.

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