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January 24, 2008



Glad to hear that your contractions are under control. Keep resting. I hope that the meds your doctor gave you are/will helping. Have a great weekend.....I am off to frost 55 cupcakes, pack up supplies and get my butt in the shower. I'll write tomorrow!


hi! i'd been lurking for a while, glad to see things are going "okay" and hang in there! i broke my foot right after i had my 2nd and i know the helpless feeling you are talking about. to a degree! i couldn't do ANYTHING. hope the wellbutrin helps and with any luck spring is only a few weeks away. (yes wishful thiking i know) i see you are in MN! hello and thanks for the comment over on my blog. your girls are so adorable :) and nice to meet you too!


I took wellbutrin for a bit when I was pregnant. It did wonders.


glad everything is going okay!

Kristi S

OMG, for a second there I misread what you wrote and thought you were scheduling your C-sect for Feb 7!
Glad things are better, the Wellbutrin is an excellent idea


i think treating ppd before hand is a major step in the right direction when you already that hx. glad to here he can cook longer!

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