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January 21, 2008


Kristi S

It totally sucks, but whats the alternative? A 1 lb baby? No...you take it easy and take all the help you can get, even when its hard to give up that control. I couldn't do it well either, but we want everyone healthy!!
Call anytime...I am 10 minutes away and the grocery store is on the way to your house (so is DQ!)


Hey--do you want any help on Friday? I took the day off and all I have is a hair appointment at 1pm. I could come in the AM and do some chores/shopping/cooking/painting and/or looking after the girls for a bit. Don't know if they would listen to me. Let me know.


Hang in there! Try to stay positive. I am sure it's hard, but just remember, it's for a great cause!


Hey Michelle,
One less thing for you to worry about...shopping for boy clothes. you know I have already started to go crazy for you.

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