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February 07, 2008



Glad you and Baby Bennett are doing well :)
Hope it is a quick 6 weeks for your!
Hang in there!!


It must be nice knowing you have a birth date. I thought it was weird that I was a few hours shy of my "due date". How they predict it by just measuring on an ultrasound amazes me. That must have been so neat for Annika to hear the heartbeat.


You are in the home stretch!!!! Just a couple of more weeks. How exciting. I am sure Bennett will be completely healthy.

20 pounds~~~~ you are doing pretty darn good. I gained well over 40!!!!


so happy that you are doing well. i can't wait to meet baby benettett. well you know on your blog, that is! take care of yourself!

Kristi S

hope the time goes fast! Too bad you couldn't do it on the 20th...that would make it really easy to remember! Aunt Connie and Andrea both have bdays on the 20th. March is very busy month of birthdays on my mom's side!


March 19'th was my due date with Alyssa! :-) Glad to hear things went well!!!

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