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February 21, 2008



you look great! i gained a whole crap load more than 18 pounds - that's for sure! you're lucky! the nursery looks great!


Michelle, the room is ADORABLE! I love the colors and love the animals!

And YOU look GREAT!


you look great!!! i love the nursery! it's so bright and fun!

kristi sauer

Both you and the room are adorable! My mom did a great job...I wish I had her sewing skillz!


you look sooooo cute! that's one big belly. gorgeous nursery. LOVE the fabric! wish i'd found somethong like that...


Love the nursery. Very vibrant colors.

You look great. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Talk to you soon.

Nicole Barczak

The nursery looks great! So colorful and fun. The animals are adorable.

You look great as well! 18lbs... I'm jealous! I'm sure by 33 weeks I"ll have gained a good 40lbs HAHA!


You look fantastic, Michelle!!! Love all the reds with that gorgeous blue on the walls!


That looks awesome, great job! It's great as it's not so babyish that it won't grow with him.

And you look great - let's see, I gained 18lbs.. oh in the first trimester or so HAHA I'm a freaking house and quite jealous of your mere 18lbs. Obviously I am gaining it for the two of us which is quite unfair!


Michelle, you look terrific, and the nursery is adorable! I am glad that your appointment went well and that everybody is healthy. I am actually finding myself a little sad that I don't get to decorate a nursery for this baby - he or she will be sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room until they are old enough to share a room with their brother or sister (the downside to buying a 3 bedroom house!) There is always the prospect of buying bunkbeds, however . . . that actually seems like fun!


LOVE IT. Those animals are awesome. Great find. I need to go to an IKEA.

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