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February 27, 2008



I know that WW has worked for a number of people (my mom and dad,Jenna). Personally, I agree with most of these people that just maintaining a healthy diet is the key. I know that if I do not exercise, I will gain weight. So basically, I exercise 6 days a week and try to eat fairly healthy. I think WW is the best out of it all b/c it is something that you can maintain. I know so many that did SOuth Beach and Atkins but I think you can only do that for so long. more power to Fran for her maintaining it though. Basically, you just have to expend more calories than you take in. I have started working with a trainer too and I think that helps a lot of people to get motivated.

April (Mrs. Velvet Cak)

Since August I've lost over 30 pounds. I just took up walking. I walk like 5-7 miles a day and I try not to eat things that are fried and cut back on the desserts. I never had any luck sticking to book diets. I really think exercise is more important than anything that you eat.

Nicole Barczak

I did WW after having Porter... I think I started it when he was 6 or 8 weeks old. This time, I plan to start it ASAP. I've ballooned up and its disgusting. I can't wait to get back to a semi normal shape. (Mainly meaning my boobs and my ass!).

I've never tried other diets, really. WW worked for me, although Ryan always jokes that I do a one week on one week off deal... I slip a lot LOL! This time though I'm trying it hard core from the beginning, and hopefully I'll be able to stick with it with a newborn and 2 year old. We'll have to keep in touch and motivate eachother! (if you do WW).

Adkins... I had a friend do it and lost a ton of weight (got way too skinny, actually) and then she gained some back after stopping the diet. She was still a great weight though. Me, I love my carbs and I don't think I could ever stick with a low carb diet.


Ugh, the D word!
Okay, did weight watchers after I gained the freshman 15 plus 25 after my freshman year of college. Lost a lot of weight from just being away from the college scene and then lost about 12-15 on ww.
Did the south beach too. Lost about 8. I gave up too quickly.
Right now I'm sort of dieting. I'm trying to watch the sugar content of things. I'm detoxing this week. Hopefully it gets easier. A coworker of mine was diagnosed with pre-diabetes last year and she lost a ton of weight sticking to a low glycemic diet. She doesn't cut every thing out, just has every thing in moderation. That's what I'm shooting for :) I've got my husband on board too.
Good Luck :)


I do the Dr Oz you on a diet, thing. I cut out bleached enriched flour, when I possible can, so whole wheat pasta, multi grain bread, and corn syrup, where it be high fructose or dextrose, I try not to eat it, If I know it is there is almost makes me sick now. I cut out a lot of processed food and tried to add more veggies and fruits. I try to walk 20-30 min a day, but I've been slacking here. So far I lost about 60 pounds since having my baby, It was about a year, I've been at a plateau for a few months now. probably because I've been slacking in the walking dept.


I just count calories. I used to do WW after I had Hailey, and lost the pregancy weight very easily and quickly. I started "dieting" again when Ryan left this last time cuz I was getting into some really bad eating habits...cut my calorie intake by about 300 calories (taking me to right around 1000-1200 per day) and started back to the gym. When I can't get to the gym, I do an exercise video or a really long walk in the evening. I lost ten pounds in 2.5 months, and it didn't really feel like "dieting", it was actually pretty easy! Just having a half a sandwich and an apple instead of a whole sandwich and chips. I'm not a good stick-to-a-diet person...so I have to convince myself I'm "healty-eating", not "dieting"...LOL! :-)
My personal trainer at the gym always says that the people that "healthy-eat" instead of "diet" always lose more weight and keep it off!
Self magazine is getting ready to do their challenge, and alot of people I know swear by it for getting back into shape!


i've never been on a "diet" but the hubs is trying to lose weight all the time. in my opinion, whatever you do, it really needs to be a whole lifestyle change. which is hard. starting at the meal planning, then the grocery store. otherwise it will just be a short-term thing. and activity. i know with 3 kids you will have no shortage, ha! my husband is also in a weight-loss challenge program at work with some of his coworkers. you can bet he hits that treadmill religiously because he's competitive that way. just a couple thoughts. i'm no expert!


That's great that you are trying to get your body in shape!! (me too) Unfortunately I know nothing about any of those "diets" except for WW (which I'm doing right now for like the 8th time...it works for me so I do it. LOL).

GOOD luck with whatever you decide on!!


I have done South Beach and am starting again here soon. I had pretty good success with that. I am afraid to try Alli due to all of the poo issues!


I did WW 2.5 years ago after having DD and lost tons of weight. I was BFing and I did not add the BFing points. However as soon as I stopped BFing the WW stopped working.

I know personally 2 people who use Alli and are amazed by it. They both have never been able to lose weight before and are losing 2-6 lbs a week with JUST alli and little diet changes and little exercise. However some people are put off by the possible side effects and of course how their BMs change.

I am cutting calories and using low fat and low/no sugar whenever possible. It is slow going but I feel better all the time. I am built alot like you and am not "fat" but not "thin". I am between 150 and 160 and I look PG because I carry all my weight there. I know if I dedicated myself to a strict exercise regime the weight would come off with the fresher food choices I am making.

I think that if Atkins worked for you in the past, try it again. Just remember to do it the smart way and not binging on lard and steak 3 meals a day.

Good luck with #3!!! And with the weight loss afterwards.

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