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February 20, 2008



I have to disagree with you--I saw Stardust last weekend and thought it was a great fantasy movie (but not as good as Narnia). Also, I am right there with you on #16 for passive aggressiveness. I'll see you on Sunday! Oh, and you will be a total MILF this summer and I have something for you to show it off!!


can you still call it newborn weigh 5 years later. if so, that's one of my goals too!

have a great day!


I love fall too. I won't hold the lucky charms against you since your pregnant.


i hate socks too!

hope all is well with you and the fam.


yummmm New baby skin is the BEST smell:)
Hope you are doing well :)


lol...we have similar goals for 2008. but mine is not newborn weight!

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