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February 06, 2008



I'm excited to see you soon too! It seems like it has been way too long since we have all gotten together.

Kristi S

The girls really are getting so big! It was great to spend time with them on Tuesday.

Hope you get good news at the Dr. today!


Glad to hear that you have been scrappin. I haven't had a chance to sit back down and do anymore since last week, but I am excited to.

Hope all goes well with the doc.

The girls are going to be so good with Bennett. It sounds like Annika will be quite the little mommy. I think that is so sweet.

I am in the process of writing you an e-mail, but I still haven't finished it. I am working today, so I will do it then. :)


10 pages, are you serious?! I must be the world slowest scrapper. But I probably would have to actually sit and scrap to get something accomplished. Maggie was the same way with books she'd rather flip through them herself than listen to you read, but she's getting better.


Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you! Hang in there, chica!


they do grow up too fast! enjoy the girls while you're not as mobile. (maybe a silver lining?) good to hear - read - from you! hope your smallish issue is nothing.

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