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February 29, 2008



COngrats on taking this step. I belong to the YWCA and LOVE it! I definitely think it is good if you make these changes as a family. By this time next year, you should be ready for us all to do a race together!!


Even with the healthy lifestyle I lead, it is hard for me to resist chocolate/sweets, so I do give in in moderation.


i need to get on track with you! maybe we could start some sort of bloggy challenge..


Good for you. I need to start walking more. I always use the weather as a good excuse. Jade and I have talked about a gym membership, but we haven't taken action yet.


It is a lifestyle change. As long as you go with that mentality it makes it a lot easier. Good luck.


you can do it, girl! you have unlimited support here. i think you have a great outlook. just remeber to not be too hard on yourself!


wow!! 10,000 steps. that sounds like a lot of steps... but i guess, approximately that's like 2 miles right? if i lived a little closer i'd join ya! i'd really like to find someone to "go walking" with... goooood for you. and your family. happy friday, and happy march!

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