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February 09, 2008



Michelle~My brother had night terrors when he was about 6 or 7. I might be a year off, but I think it was around then. My parents would hear him screaming. When they went to him, they couldn't get him to wake up, he would just be hysterical. One time, he went into his closet and was screaming in there. Sometimes, she would take a wet rag and apply it to his face just so he would come to.

It really stressed my parents out...especially my mom. My brother is a very mild tempered, laid back kid. Well guy, now. So, it was crazy to see him like that.

He eventually just grew out of them. But they did have him checked out by his doctor and that is who determined what was going on. Back then, the internet wasn't really around.

It must be crazy seeing B like that. I hope that she grows out of it soon. Maybe talk to her pedi again and see what they think?

Good luck.


wow. we haven't had experience with this. good luck with dealing with it though. you'll have to keep us posted. i DO have a light sleeper, though. and that sucks.


I don't think what we deal with is night terrors, but maybe. Maggie usually goes to sleep like a dream, lay her down and pft right out. But she wakes up crying or screaming between 12-3. She will not go back to sleep unless we bring her to our bed. There are times she'll sleep the whole night through, but it if far and few between. I though we were on a roll this week 2 nights in a row, but last night she woke up at 2:30.

From what it sounds like what you had last night was night terrors according to the article.

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