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February 21, 2008



I so agree, I get that she doesn't want to be hounded by the paparazzi, but I do think it should be donated. Any one that can furnish 2 nurseries for twins in her 2 mansions I think can spare a little. I can't belive they'd let her take up a room for that long, but I guess if you have money, but dang I wanted out after 2 days darn c-sect. I guess she doesn't have an HMO.

Nicole Barczak

Thats ridiculous! How insane that people/companies will pay THAT MUCH for one stinking picture. I wonder if she negotiated that price or if they just came to her with it? And, if they just offered it up, wouldn't she feel guilty taking that much money for a photograph? I sure would.... I'd feel greedy and self centered. I'd donate it to a worthy charity and I think she should do the same with at least most of it.

Denise H.

I am right there with you. What is the Big Deal. They are babies and millions are born every day.

She should go the Brad and Angeline route and donate the money to charity. She doesn't need 6 million more dollars to add to her enormous saving account and why not put it to a good cause.

I personally don't get wrapped up in the tabloids. I used to buy the magazines when going on vacation to have some mindless reading while in the car or on the plane but for the past few years I see them in the store, glance at the pictures on the front and then walk away.

WHO CARES and what makes them more special.


sad. i am totally not a fan of j-lo aisde from this. that sounds just plain greedy. i bet the baby will appreciate that fact when it grows up and hears about how it was exploited. stupid.


i personally can't stand j-ho but that's just me. the one who really makes me ill is larry birkhead and the way he has exploited his daughter. idiot.


that is why i don't by those magazines. i don't care and if people just didn't show so much interest in this stuff, those pictures wouldn't yield 6 milllion!

okay, i am done!


J-Lo is worthless. I hear that Joseph and Mary were also turned away from the Inn because J-Lo reserved a private suite.


all this buzz around jlo having babies is freaking nuts! i give props to the celebrities who have their babies as privately as possible and don't do the whole 'sell the pictures' crap. it's funny the money that is out there to be spent on that kind of bs.

kristi sauer

$6 Million for baby pictures? REDONKULOUS. Sick!! Who cares?????

I also have a TFT today about ESP and premonitions.


Did you not get a comment from me??
Aw, and I wrote up a nice long one too...
And since I'm not up to retyping it all, the lowdown is I totally agree with you.
hmmm, I wonder what happened. The comment was totally here after I posted it!

And I have a TFT today... go on over there and tell me about your Pixie Dust!

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