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February 15, 2008



I love your daughter's names! Just beautiful!


I love your daughter's names! Just beautiful!


Constipation and molars? Ouch. Poor babies!

I am glad to hear you hired help.

Yeah for B on walking and Annika potty training. How exciting?!

I am a control freak, too. If I am not in control of a situation, I start to get all crazy. Don't worry.

I am glad to hear that your contractions are gone for the time being.

Hope you have a great weekend. Write when you can. :) I am off to a baby shower for Jade's cousin. :)


Yay it sound like everything is going pretty good. You never really realize the control issues until you don't have any control.

kristi sauer

Wow, such milestones for the girls all at once :) I am really glad its Friday too, and so happy to have Monday off!! Are you able to scrap on bedrest??? Not thinking so???

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