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February 19, 2008



dear god girl. my house would make you insane. i am so with you on target. i swear the lights in there must hypnotize you or something. i have to go weekely and have to buy. it's a compulsion.


I am so with on the clothes. My husband thinks I'm a freak, but I lay out clothes for him to dress her in everyday and I no longer give him choices because he will mix the outfits. Full garbage, why am I the only one capable of emptying it? I love Target.


Seriously MIchelle we would get along soooo well. :) The only thing that I do on your list that you don't is make my bed everyday. I will make it right before we go to bed just so I can climb into flat, crisp sheets. So weird.

I was at Target twice today...unfortunately, it was to visit the pharmacy. Once for me, once for Reyna. We are both sick!


i am totally opposite, except for E, F, and G! glad you are letting go a little! i think i may need to go the other way. it's not that i don't WANT organization, i just don't have time for it! ha ha! how's the nanny going???


Okay, I could pretty much just copy and paste your list...LOL!

Along with that happy pill, hook yourself up with some chocolate, and you'll be feeling better in no time!!! :-)

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