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February 26, 2008


kristi sauer

I am so glad Andrea finally came out to say hi! What a sweet message...and she's right...you are an amazing mom and woman. I admire you very much too!


WE'RE anxious for baby bennett too! hooray for potty training. i hated potty training because it means STOPPING to go potty when we're driving distances in the car. i just wanna get there ;)

kristi sauer

Its only been 3 weeks since I've seen you guys, but I feel like I am missing out on seeing the girls and all these changes! I have been really sick earlier this week with the icky-poo poo flu, but hopefully i can see you all next week some night!


I am a friend of Kristi's from high school and I read her blog all the time. Awhile back she told be about the blog you started and she told me to check it out and I did and now I am hooked :) The last ime I saw Kristi, I told her that I love your blog and she told me to leave a message, I told I felt stupid because I did't know you. Well the time has come and I just had to leave you a message say HI :)

I think you are such an amazing woman. You are so strong and so brave. My hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 1/2 years and we have had to losses during that time and I just wanted to say Thank You!!! You are an amazing Mom and you give me so much hope. I can't wait to be a Mom like you someday.
Your girls are so adorable and I am so excited for you guys to have a little boy. I love the name you picked out for him, it is way too cute :)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog after I read Kristi's and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your C-section, I hope everything goes well.
Take Care,
Andrea :)


Hang in there Michelle! Just like Amy said, we're all here cheering you on! You're going to do great with 3 kids :)
Can't wait to be reading about your family of 5 :)


I'm so excited for you! I love reading and have those feelings back again. I had the blues a bit. I had the uncontrlable crying. J was like what the heck? and I was like I don't know. I read your comment in Zoe's blog about the breastfeeding. I felt so bad when it wasn't working and needed someone to tell me it was ok and one did. So I understand, believe me. Also Zoe's comment about the sex, I was at 40 weeks and said hon, please it may help. It was awful and I don't recommend it. But I did start having contractions the next day and had my c-sect that night. Figures, my girl would try to come into this world backwards.


hopefully since you are already on meds the post partum period won't be so bad. i know how dark those days can be!


i have really enjoyed hearing about your pregnancy. it will only get more exciting when baby bennett is born.

i think so many of your feelings are normal at this time. just think you have so many people cheering you on!

i wish you the best of luck. you will do wonderfully with three!


Ha, that would be nice if Anniki really could changes his diapers and such. Would really free up some time, he he. We should all try to get into the TC 10 mile again. That would give everyone a goal. You don't have to respond to this.

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