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March 16, 2008



You poor thing...I hope Bennett can come home soon!!


You have three beautiful children, Michelle. Keep the faith... things will be normal soon. I am thinking of you.


i had the same experiences with nurses. i found that i had two favorites who were always looking on the positive side and were very informative and supportive.

don't be discouraged. he could have just been a little tired for that one feeding! i'm hoping he will be home by easter! prayers sent!


Sounds like he's making great progress!! I know it's weird to be at home and do family things without him, but think of how wonderful Easter will be when he IS at home. I'll be hoping for you.

You'd think that NICU nurses would be more sympathetic to parents since they do this every day...but there's always a grumpy one or two. Thank goodness for shift changes.

The girls are super cute!

Take care!

Kristi S

You'll have him home within the week, i am sure of it! He ate much more today it sounds like, if he keeps it up, they'll have no reason to keep him ;)


Sorry to her the little man isn't home yet. It sounds like he's eat better which is always a good sign. The girls look so cute in that last photo. I hope little Bennett is home by Easter.

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