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March 02, 2008


Denise H.

I would love to join! I need some motivation to get my butt in shape for summer! Please Keep me posted.


Funny you brought this all up...
I just started a new blog to keep me motivated, on task and accountable in this area. Here's the link if you're interested:

I think making it a "community" challenge is a great idea!! Keep me in the loop!


I'm in.


I am definitely interested. I would really like to get on some sort of regimine. It would be a lot of help having some sort of support system getting my lazy rear in gear!

kristi sauer

I think its a good idea and I wanted to comment that I am your 9,999th hit on this blog!!!!! WOW, you go girl!!!!!


I am SOOOO in! This is exactly what I need since I've been getting lazy lately!!!


i'm so in! cyber fat camp!!!!

Nicole Barczak

I'd love to do it come May. I'm jumping into WW asap after having Hudson. But I think right now it'd be pointless LOL! You could start a Yahoo Group and keep the weekly pics in folders, etc... just and idea!


count me in!


I'm game!


neat idea's - i'd be interested!

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