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March 15, 2008



Hi Michelle!
I'm sorry you had to leave w/out your little guy :( I can't even imagine it!
I hope everything is going okay.
Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all!


i agree with zoe... and with you, michelle! go with what you feel. ruby was not quite eating 2 oz at a feeding until about 2 weeks and she was not a preemie. she was doing fine despite the nurses who called and harped on me to get her to 2 oz. and like leslie says, you're certainly not going to put him in any danger. you are right, the drs and nurses are really just giving advice and it's your call. with my first baby i didn't question anything the hospital told me (and allowed some very wrong things to happen because of it - another story for another day!) but you can bet i did the 2nd time around. they don't always 'know all'. go with what you and brian feel. you're his mommy and daddy!


Michelle, You guys are the parents. In the end, it's what you feel is right for Bennett. If you think that he is capable of coming home, then I would bring him home.

I went into labor with Reyna in the early morning and she was born at 7:49 am. We spent all day at the hospital and the next day, I contested to go home. She wouldn't latch on by this point and the nurses "advised" me to stay another night. I ended up leaving and they said it was alright, but they wanted me to take Reyna to her pedi the next day. I did. I just knew she wasn't going to latch on at the hospital. Once we came home, everything was fine. I knew I wasn't putting her in danger. I knew she would eat.

I hope that things get back to normal soon. :)


when tucker was born he was 4 pounds 12.5 ounces and was able to breath on his own right away. however, he was born at 33 weeks and they wanted him to be able to eat that minimum about and weigh at least 5 pounds before he could go home. he started eating the minimum amount and reached five pounds and we were able to go home. however, we stayed one extra night all together (with him in our room) at the hospital so we were sure it would be all right. i never questioned any of this at all. it was SO HARD to leave him and go home. oh, before i ramble on, i've already emailed you about all this. i think it's all about what you feel is right, but i'm sure it won't be long and he'll be able to come home. tucker was out of the nicu after 14 days.

wishing you the best in the days ahead!


i have never understood this minimum feeding bullshit. i battle our special care nurses about it all the time. his belly is the size of a marble. how the hell does it hold 2 oz??? i would bring him home. feed him smaller amounts more frequently. i'm so sorry you are home without him. hang in there!

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