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March 20, 2008



he is adorable! i love baby feet. i'm so glad no blues this time!


Michelle, he is gorgeous!
Looking at him makes me want another one ASAP!
Love his little toes :)


OMG! Do you know how badly I want the next 5 months to fly by after seeing those pictures?! He is beautiful! (And I love the new banner!)


He is so Adorable!!! I am so glad everything is going well. You have a beautiful family :) Congratulations!!!

I was wondering where you got Bennett's cute little black hat with his name on it??


what a good lookin' guy! so glad he's home, hope you are all doing well and are cozy and comfy.


those feet are so sweet. I want to kiss them all over. I love baby feet. I'm sure he'll keep being a perfect baby.


He is so handsome. I love the pic's of his little piggy toes!!!!

I am sure you will do just fine on your own with the kids. You guys will get into the groove before you know it.

Glad to hear that you are feeling well and anxiety free.

Kristi S

He is as precious as can be!

Sarah Hauble


I just got caught up on your blog. Congrats on the newest addition to your family! Bennett is absolutely adorable. And, I am so glad you now have him home with you. I am so happy for you all!

Take care,
Sarah Hauble


AWWWWW he is SO cute! I just want to cuddle him! And I wrote down the name of that medication in regards to the baby blues - just in case!


He is PRECIOUS!!! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!! It makes me miss my little guy being so small....though he started out at 8-2 so he wasn't that tiny! I'm glad to hear that there's been so much progress with him! He's a trooper!!! I check in everyday to get updates! Glad to hear your feeling well too!

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