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March 28, 2008


Kristi S

Well you know what I wear....jeans and a cute top from Fashion Bug. Most of my clothes are getting too big on me too


As Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear say, you should dress for the size you are now, not the size you want to be! It will look more flattering than wearing clothes that are too big for you. I get to wear jeans every day to work and love it! I am completely obessed with jeans and have about 15 pairs. I buy quality ones b/c they are the staples of my wardrobe. Also, never underestimate the benefit of a good tailor. Even for jeans!


i wear mostly jeans and whatever i can find for a top ;) it's sad. i have not bought new clothing for myself since long before i was pregnant with ruby. (that would be one year plus nine months at the very least). i'm a frump and wish i could find something i looked good in while being comfortable! as far as undies, oh man, cotton and comfy bikini style all the way. and shoes - oh that's an even worse subject!! we should start a support group.


I never feel cool or hip with anything I wear!

I work full time and feel like I'm constantly wearing the same outfits. Dress pants, heels, blouses, sweaters. I work mostly with people ranging from 40's-60's. I'm in my late 20's. It's hard to be hip because no one I work with is! I feel like I end up joining the frumpier crowd. Also, the kinds of clothes I really like for work are so expensive! I'd love to be able to go on a shopping spree to Ann Taylor but I just can't seem to swing it!

As far as casual clothes go.......I'm a jeans girl. Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, Target. In the fall/winter months I'm always in jeans with a ribbed turtle neck or a v-neck sweater with a tank under. In the spring/summer months........I wear capris, t-shirts, tanks with a few skirts and shorts. I'm always in flip flops too during this time. Everything I wear is plain.

I try changing things up with my hair and jewelery.

As far as the undies go..........I hate underwear! I do wear it though so don't be mislead by that statement! I usually buy all of my undies from Target. I like the Gilligan & O'Malley bikini's and thongs. I hate wearing thongs but I hate seeing underwear lines on my pants. I just feel better in my pants with thongs. I'll wear them during the day but as soon as I'm home for the day/night.........I switch out of the thongs and into comfy undies and sweats! No matter what size thongs I buy I always feel like my rear is swallowing them! (TMI???) I also like certain kinds of Hanes bikinis at Target as well. I gave up on Victoria's Secret a few years ago. They never fit me well and they always seem to shrink!


I am pretty casual. For the most part, I am a jeans and sweater/top kind of girl. Some times yoga pants and tops too! For the summer I usual have a a couple pairs of capris, a couple of shorts, and a skirt that I kind of rotate.

Since I have been home, I like to keep it simple and buy things that mix and match. "Outfits" have kind of gone by the way side.

One of my secrets to feeling in-style while I am a sahm is the jewlery! While I don't really have many expensive pieces, I do have a lot of fun stuff. Every season, I like to buy a few pieces that are hip and to wear. It just makes me feel a bit in-style. I usually look for the sale stuff.

As for the under wear - my favorites are Target's Gilligan O'Malley thongs! Don't laugh! I have tried everything, including Victoria Secrets and these work the best for me. I am not tiny either. Since a little while after I had my first son, I always wear thongs. I think they just have a better look when wearing pants! Sorry about the TMI!!!


Hi, I enjoy your blog. Your family is beautiful. I am a SAHM, and I fall into the frumpy category. Just today I was going through old pictures from three years ago reminiscing about how different I looked. I wear jeans nearly everyday, and the days I'm not I can be found in pj pants. I'm afraid I am also guilty of mostly wearing my husband's t-shirts. As for underwear I used to wear the skimpy cute stuff, but now I'm in the full coverage kind. I too am hoping to make a change. I'm joining a gym next week!


I have my days where I where lounge pants and a t-shirt, but usually if I know I am going to leave the house. I try to look decent. real pants/jeans and a nice t-shirt, or sweater. I have a hard time with button ups they don't seem to be made for anyone above a b cup. otherwise I'd wear more. I have been buying a couple items at a time as I lose weight and wear them till they fall off, or are too baggy. I'd love to be a fashion diva, but alas I am not SJP and don't live in a metro area, or have the cash.


What... you don't like the tight ass pants?? HAHAHA I'd better have the baby in the not to far off future or my maternity pants are going that route!!

I know what you mean though - I'm not a SAHM but because I don't deal directly with clients, I can wear whatever I want. Not always a good thing!

I end up wearing jeans and a polo shirt (because I think it makes my boobs look not as big) constantly!

After I lose some weight and get my boobs reduced, I need to find a new style too. Exhausting just thinking about it though, isn't it!

I think it's our age too that makes it hard. We are no longer hip teenagers but not frumpy older women either (well, I'm heading that way age wise, 34 on April 23 - ugh LOL).

I need a new haircut, clothes, the works!


I am very curious to read what others have to say about this, as I am also deeply entrenched in the SAHM-look . . . yoga pants and a stretchy tee shirt. I actually went through my closet last week and took out everything that I knew I was never going to wear again and that doesn't quite fit right after two babies (and won't fit at all after three!) I admire your motivation to get fit!

(Would anyone be willing to discuss what type of underwear they wear? I was wearing Victoria Secret's string bikini until I got pregnant with #3, but was desperately unhappy with the little 'extra' that sneaks over the strings - which remained despite losing all the baby weight and toning up a bit this past summer. Thank goodness for maternity panties!)


i used to really care about my clothes. now i can't ever find anything that fits. i stay pretty casual for the most part...old navy...gap. easy to clean and i can do the 100 yard dash to catch a toddler!

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