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April 29, 2008



um yeah. i was the skater girl who felt sorry for the nkotb girls...wearing all their buttons *snort*

LeeAnn Howard

I know it!! I cant wait to try and see them!


Michelle, they all grew up in Dorcehster, a part of Boston, that is right next to where I grew up. One of them was on the local radio station a few weeks ago and I was SOOOOOO IMPRESSED by the things he said! I thought it was lame at first too, but them hearing him, I was excited :)
I had the videos too! And no every song by heart! ah ha ha ha


I know no one will believe this, but I wasn't really that big of fan, other than knowing the words to the songs, who didn't, that was it for me. I did like Donnie in Band of Brothers though, he was awesome.


ha ha!

oohhhh ohhhhh ohhhh oooooohhh oh! hangin' tough!


you are such a nerd!

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