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April 10, 2008



Happy Anniversary! What a hottie you are!


Love the pics of the wedding. It was a truly beautiful day and you a beautiful bride. And to be totally cheesy - your marriage is like a fine wine. It continues to get better with age.


Congrats!! You were a very Beautiful Bride!! Brian's not too bad either:)


Happy Anniversary! That's so cute!!


oh geez that made me cry! that is awesome, michelle, you got yourself a keeper. congratulstions to you both on your marriage and your beautiful family!!


Very sweet...I'm trying to pass off "the contact issue" as I do when I tear up at work. Happy Anniversary! I love the best man speech too!! Very creative.

Leslie Collins

okay, first I cried then I laughed. Brian's e-mail was so sweet. JEff's best man's speech was freaking hillarious! Thank you for sharing both. :) Have a great day. Happy Anniversary.


Sooo sweet!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Kristi S

Okay, that made me tear up as much as it did when I read it the first time he wrote it, last year! Brian is so sweet! You guys are truly lucky to have each other :)

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