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April 01, 2008




I am happy to hear that you are all doing well. You sound in good spirits - that is awesome!

I love hearing about your family.

Talk to you soon! =)

Kristi S

You are amazing! Bennett is going to be huge before you know it!!


Glad to hear that BEnnett is doing well.

I hope that Bianca's teeth pop thru soon. Poor baby. Teeth are so overrated. :)

Reyna has been testing our patience, too. I guess it's their age? Who knows.

I hope that Bennett keeps on sleeping well. That is always a bonus. :)

Talk to you soon.


Michelle, I'm glad you are all doing so well :) And it sounds like you've got one good baby on your hands! I hope he continues to be a good sleeper and eater for you!

I don't know why, but your posts never update in my google reader. Hmmm?


I get the testing limits it was one of those days yesterday. Yay on Bennett gaining serious weight. I don't know how some of you do it having 3 so close together. But I hear after getting used to 2, 3 is nothing.

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