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April 02, 2008



What cuties. How nice to finally get outside! Something we really take for granted living here in San Diego.


They are SO cute! Love it when you post new pics.

Do you guys do time out? Works like a freaking charm in our house. You get one warning - as in "This is your warning. If you continue to do that, you will be in time out". And if/when he does, he has to sit on the wall for 2 minutes, out of the view of the action.

Just the threat is enough to make him shape up - funny, cause really what's the big deal about sitting somewhere for 2 minutes??

Now, it takes a week or so of being totally consistant before it starts working but man, when it works, it's awesome! Works everywhere too - just ask Morgan who had a time out in the grocery store parking lot LOL

After the time out is done, we make him say sorry, have a hug and a kiss and then it's done.

Love how your feed tracker says I'm from Quebec today, cause I'm doing this from work HAHA Not even close! Normally I'm from Duncan which isn't right but at least it's in the same province!


#*$&%@ Google Reader! I agree with Kristi . . . this post and the last one never hit my Reader (though I am sure it has nothing to do with you!)

Maren and Bianca could be twins in that last shot - she is all about the drama lately, and has a new, piercing cry to go with it!

They are all so freakin' cute!

Kristi S

Great pictures! I love Annika's red vest, too cute!
PS I am not getting your feeds in my Google Reader until days later (I think mine are doing the same thing?! Whats up with that??)


Awww cute pictures! Yay for a nice day :)
Spring........come out, come out, where ever you are!!


Oh Bianca looks so sad when she's sick, breaks my heart. That one of her an Annika is funny. Like they are having this huge interaction. B-man is looking good!


that photo looks like they're having a conversation! and bennett looks like he's bigger already!


They are so cute, it makes my ovaries hurt. My BF and I both come from families with red heads in them. I harbor a secret desire to have some little carrot tops of our own.


I love the last picture of B. She looks like she is as dramatic as REyna. :)

Bennett is such a handsome little guy.

Reyna & B have the same Robeez. Don't you love them???

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