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April 17, 2008



There are times, when I pine way too much for old times. I get in funks and reread old journals and sigh and wish I could go back. I love going through old photos and such. I like where I am and such, but sometimes I just live to relive some of the good and bad times of ago.


Great topic. I have been feeling extremely nostalgic lately. I think it stems from having moved away and not really having alot of friends yet.
Just last night I poured myself a nice glass of wine and looked back at some old pictures. Unfortunately I don't have any from college on my computer. If you have any send them my way.


I too am a very nostalgic person, and for the same reasons as you - I can't relive the past, but it is what has shaped me into the person I am today, and great portions of it give me tremendously fond memories. I love looking at old pictures, and love that certain smells, fabrics, and songs can instantly take me back to a time in my past.


From my blog you can probably tell that I'm obsessed with dates. Ok, so lately it's been mostly about bad dates, but I'm that way about good dates too. I have an uncanny memory for that kind of stuff...I get teased, but that's just me.

The other day Ethan was running around in a pair of sweatpants and my MIL mentioned how when we first put them on him they were WAY too big and we had to roll them up a couple times. That day, when she had put them on, they were like high-water on him. OMG, my baby is growing up! This sent me into hours of looking through his pictures that night...and now I'm in serious denial that my baby isn't so "baby" anymore. He's growing out of my lap during bedtime, he can reach the lightswitches, he can even TALK to me...I'm so excited to see who he becomes, but they grow up so fast.

I reflect on the past for other things too...but only recently have I decided not to beat myself up about past decisions...why did I date that guy? why did I let that person treat me like that? why did I make this or that choice?...it all helps us become who we are today...cliche, but they're learning experiences.

Kristi S

You know I am a picture freak! I am nostalgic about many old times, but the funny thing is I hardly ever look back at old pictures or my old scrapbooks either. Looking at pictures is usually the most fun when looking at them with the people who share the photo's memory, kwim? Its fun to look at them together and then reminisce :)
Its kind of fun when old memories are sparked by something random and are unexpected.


i am WAY nostalgic, about certain things. my childhood, aside from school. i miss it. just being that age, hanging out with my cousins and friends... i am nostalgic for my nine-year-old's babyhood, seeing my other baby growing up too fast too, right out of that babyhood, as i watch her first birthday fast approach. i cleaned out my son's closet and i still have the outfit he wore to his first day of kindergarten, four years ago. almost five. it brings a stinging sensation to my nose and water to my eyes. i am nostalgic for the times when my husband and i first dated in high school, the rush of feelings that only happens with something new...
i completely agree with leslie. as long as we don't "live" in the past there's nothing wrong with visiting parts of it.
and now, i'm all teary-eyed. thanks a lot!


Oh, I am the exact same way Michelle! I could look at pictures FOREVER! Pics of my babies, pics of my wedding, pics from past relationships and friends, pics from highschool, even the photos of when I was a kid. I love the memories just looking at a photo can bring.
I love music for that reason too! It's amazing how one certain song can just bring you back to one certain moment!

Even if the memories aren't always the best... like you said, the past is what has formed you and who you are today. You wouldn't be where you are today without every experience and choice and person in your life along the way. In that way I think a little nostalgia every now and then IS healthy... to be thankful for the things that have made up your life.

I think nostalgic is a great word to describe me. Now I'm going to go pour over my kids' baby pictures.... :)


Fun topic. I would say I am a very nostalgic person, too. I have very vivid memories of certain pivitol moments in my life. Graduation, wedding, Reyna's birth, finding out I was pregnant, my Grandpa's death, my Mexico trip. I can take myself back to those moments. I love it. I think that it's good to have those memories.

I think it could create a problem if someone was obsessing about their past, but I am thankful I can remember events and moments. I wouldn't go back to them, but I like to think about them now and again.

As for nostalgic being healthy. Sure. I think it is. Once again, as long as someone isn't obsessing over their past and wishing they weren't living in the now. :)

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