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April 28, 2008



I've never tried red robin I go by it, and think about it and never go in.
It's so nice when the kids play nice!
I so want a wii. I actually think that would be fun to play.
Naps are always good!!
You are not cutting Annika's curls are you?

Leslie Collins

I posted a long comment earlier and something happened and it didn't save!!! Ugh!

Loved the pictures.
Bennett is growing so fast.

LEt me know how you like yoru Wii. I would love one, but I am not sure how often we would use it. :)


Sounds like you had a great weekend - they do go by way to fast! Nice pics! Your baby is getting big. All your kiddos are sooo cute.


okay, i seriously LOVE fuddruckers. :)

i'm so jealous you guys got a wii! i was just thinking this weekend that we should get one. they are coming out with a women's fitness 'program' for it the end of may - it sounds awesome.

glad brian had a good birthday! fun pictures!

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