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May 30, 2008


April Middleton

I love FlyLady! Don't knock the shoe thing. It works for me.


flylady really does work if you stick with it. *sigh* maybe i should try again!


I swear we have ghosts here! I agree with the sink thing - I wake up like a biatch when my sink is full!!!

Hope you have a good w/e!


I don't get the whole you should wear shoes thing, I really don't care to wear shoes.


I don't follow the Flylady 100% either but it's good to get a weekly zone schedule and to begin to be aware of picking things up, throwing things away and giving things away. I do agree that a habit takes some time to become established and that is why I like getting some organizational help from the Flylady. Good luck, and don't forget to shine your sink tonight before bed.


Some weekend days I don't shower until Ethan goes to bed...if we're not going anywhere (I'll go the park unshowered) who cares?! And I hate shoes too..but my feet are always cold so I wear socks in the house most days...I wear them out really quickly.

Ok, I've been reading your posts about spirits and that totally freaks me out. I couldn't even watch The Sixth Sense...I am such a spazz when it comes to things like that. I don't blame you for being freaked out about the "little man"...I hope it's just an imaginary friend. Or maybe your sister will see him tonight.

Good luck this weekend!!

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