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May 20, 2008



You are too sweet! How bad is it that I passed on that link and yet I have never looked at the website?! It is on my 'To-Do' list (just like the rest of my life!) I am with Connie on the time-outs . . . Maren hasn't made it there yet, but we started them with Cooper at Bianca's age. Maren does, however, understand that a time out will happen if I count and make it to 3 before she stops . . . Cooper, not so much.


I tried the fly lady for awhile and if you stick with it, it does work. Remember, always have a clean sink.
Do you think that Bianca would understand "the time out"?
Perhaps she is too young yet for that form of discipline.

Amy Whitsitt

I tried flylady, but like Zoe said I couldn't stick to it either. I must say I have been tempted to give her another try.


i did fly lady for a bit and it does work. i could never stick with it long enough to make it a habit though. ahh the spirited child...i'll pray for you :)

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