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May 01, 2008



We don't get noggin, but I agree with you wholeheartedly!


I agree with the Preschool thing, but I think there are somethings gained in certain shows. I loved Sesame street as a kid and I do think it taught me things. I like Blue's Clues too. Mags seems to too. Will it prepare her for preschool, probably not, could she learn a sign or two, some problem solving, maybe. I like Noggin because there are no commercials. Just Moose A Moose and Zee. I have been making it a point to take her to the park as much as the weather has been allowing so she isn't in the TV rut.

Kristi S

I have never sen it, but you make many excellent points. TV cannot ever replace an authentic education.


good post! i don't have a ton of value to add, but here is my two cents...

i've never seen noggin and we don't get nick (we get channels 4, 5, sometimes 9, and 11 and 45). i'm not anti-tv or cartoons for kids, but we don't have a tv in a common area where the kids can just sit down and watch it. our only working tv is in a corner in our bedroom, and we very seldom use it, once in a while we will put the kids to bed and watch a movie.

anyhow, back to the tv thing. i totally agree you can't get intrapersonal skills or motor skills from watching a show, for sure! i do remember learning little "lessons" from our cartoons, like the smurfs teaching cooperation, etc. :) even our sit-coms taught lessons. there isn't any more of that for sure.

when my son was small he refused to sit and watch ANYTHING but thomas the train. for my daughter, we have a few baby einstein's that i put on my other computer when i'm trying to get a minute on the computer...

sorry i'm all over the place here. good thoughts, michelle. happy thursday!


We are noggin addicts in my house. I laugh every time I hear the preschool thing!

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